Are you vaccinated for Covid 19?

Yes, I am. Twice with Pfizer and Moderna booster.

Why don't you show your face?

My personal and professional lifestyle gives me a lot of incredible opportunities, so this is primarily to maintain anonymity and my identity private. Additionally, my attendance at public events with some Gentlemen requires such discretion.

But the picture above is mine, so at least you can see my eyes. :-)

Are you really the girl on the pictures?

Absolutely yes. I'm also verified with the worldwide famous client/companion verification platform Preferred411 (only very few girls in Italy). All pictures you see on this website are mine and you will meet the same person from the photos in front of your door. It's well known that many "escorts" are using stolen pictures on their profiles, but I'm verified on most directories by their admins. Due to many scams on the net, you may ask an image verification, just choose any outfit from my Gallery page and I will send you a photo of myself wearing your chosen outfit with a current date written on a sheet of paper so you can compare both images. This will be done only if I consider your inquiry to be serious. No nude pics or unblurred face, of course.

Are your breasts surgically enhanced?

No, it's 100% natural!!! Size F. :-)

Have you ever made any plastic interventions or beauty injections?

No, I've never made any plastic surgery, botox or any other injections. But I visit my esthetician twice a month to keep my skin (and nails) in perfect condition.

Are you a Companion or an Escort?

I'm an Independent Companion offering a genuine Girlfriend Experience. I also describe myself as a High Class Escort. It is very pity that nowadays the word "escort" is used for any kind of provider in adult industry - from very a High-end Courtesan to a street or brothel sex worker. Some people really don't understand it and this is why the most Exclusive Providers are trying to avoid this expression. So my explanation would be: a real word "Escort" means a Provider who is escorting (accompanying) her/his customer(s) to dinners or events.

Regarding our date and connection with me, you will never feel yourself embarrassed or as a client staying with an automatic clockwatcher. All encounters are very unique for me. On the other hand, I expect the very same from you. Treat me as a Queen and I will treat you as my King. :-)

What is your ethnicity?

I'm a unique mix that generally makes it difficult to guess where I came from. I was born in a family of 5 nationalities (North/Eastern Europe and Western Asia) and 3 religions.

Do you prefer to be contacted by phone or by e-mail first?

I have my own life and not able to respond phone calls any time during the day (my phone is usually on silence), so I prefer to be contacted by email first. Please email your name, a short description of yourself, your preferred place, day, time and duration of the meeting, also your contact details.

All encounters need to be discussed and confirmed by a pre-scheduled phone call (not whatsapp). I ask this so I can take some time to sense your personality and see if we match.

Have you ever worked for an Escort Agency?

Yes, I did. Before becoming an Independent Companion I've worked for some most Exclusive Escort Agencies in Italy and Europe, also one very famous International Companion Agency, which gave me the very first experience.

Later, I've decided to work on my own cause I prefer to choose myself who I want to meet. This is a huge advantage of being Independent Female Companion. You are your own boss - I love it. :-)

Do you have an assistant who is taking care of your e-mails and bookings?

No, I'm the only person to check all e-mails, respond phone calls, plan my time and decide about a certain rendez-vous.

Can I meet you for a drink or a cup of coffee for free to see if  we are compatible?

My experience has shown that a Gentleman with this type of request is not serious about this type of endeavor. I refuse to play silly games. My website should answer most questions you may have about my personality before we meet. So the answer is no. If you simply like to meet for drinks, a Social Date rate would apply (check my Consideration page).

Do you make encounters with women or couples?

I am heterosexual, so I prefer sole Gentlemen.

Do you offer Incalls?

Sorry no, only Outcalls.

Can you visit me at my home?

If I've already met you before, why not? Otherwise only hotels.

Where are you located?

My main residence is in Milan, Italy. Pre-Covid times I used to travel regularly to Rome, Paris, Barcelona and Zurich. Hopefully, this option will return soon again. :-)

Can you travel abroad?

Yes, of course, I hold an EU passport. For FMTY dates:

  • within EU, I will need minimum 1 week in advance.
  • outside EU, I will need minimum 2 weeks in advance.
  • Note, that I will not travel to potentially dangerous countries.

Do you ask any deposit before encounters?

Earlier I have never requested any deposit in Milan, where I am based. From January 2020, I keep the right to ask for some deposit to ensure my availability and confirm our date.

If I have to cancel our date (very rare, but still can happen), your deposit will be fully refunded or our date can be postponed, plus you may get a longer date as bonus. :-)

What about deposits for FMTY (Fly Me To You) or TMTY (Train Me To You) dates?

Regarding encounters outside Milan city, following deposit is required:

  • in North Italy - travel expenses + 30% of consideration,
  • other parts of Italy and abroad - travel expenses + 50% of consideration.
  • And again, if it happens that I have to cancel the trip (very rare, but sometimes possible), your deposit will be fully refunded or our date can be postponed on a mutual agreement.

How should I give an agreed consideration to you?

Once I arrive to meet you, please have the agreed gift prepared discreetly inside an open envelope and hand it to me within our first minutes together. 

Please don't create a situation where I need to ask for my donation and certainly do not discuss money in any way. If we are meeting in public place please present the donation discreetly in a gift bag or inside the card.

Are your rates negotiable?

I'm sorry, but the answer is no. My fees fully respond my high level.

Furthermore, I have a deep imagination of true Gentleman, which will never bargain with a Lady. Please, do not ask for any discounts - you will only lose my respect as a result.

How should I pay in advance?

You should contact me for further details.

What do you expect from your clientele?

I prefer well-mannered, polite, generous, respectful, mature Gentlemen who are ready to enjoy very special moments and who know how to behave and appreciate the company of a beautiful lady. Friendliness, affection, humor and mutual respect are attributes that my clients possess. 

Any email inquiries that are explicit or rude will be deleted with no response, phone calls of a such kind will be moved to the black list immediately.

What is your usual clientele?

Mostly, they are businessmen who come to Milan or Italy occasionally for their business purposes and would like to pass a remaining time with a beautiful elegant lady and to have a relaxing & blissful evening. They are successful, well-educated, highly selective and have an impeccable taste as well as refined manners. Age is around 30-55. Most of them become my returning clientele, even after few years. :-)

Are you discreet?

I'm 1000% discreet, your privacy is very much sacred to me and I expect the very same from you!!! Furthermore I never keep records unless you want me to in order to stay in touch with you and if we both feel we have an exceptional mutual connection.

What services do you provide?

I am a person, not a restaurant with menu. The details are up to your imagination since I don't discuss any specifics. Everything depends only on mutual chemistry. If you still insist on it, I regret we cannot meet - I am not your type of a woman.

What may I expect during our encounter?

We will enjoy our special time together: having fun, relaxing, making our dreams and fantasies come true.

Do you enjoy working as Elite Companion?

I'm single with no dependents and having my formal education behind me, I take a great pleasure in exploring my interests. I am enjoying my life right now as I can meet a lot of interesting people, discover different cultures, visit new countries. I do what I love to do and I am highly inspired by the same kind of people.

I cannot find any reviews about you. Why?

Generally, I'm against a review policy, doesn't matter if it's negative or positive and especially if it's very specified.

Reviews on Europe's forum websites usually don't make any sense. Girls often write good reviews about themselves from fake accounts or some guys write negative ones because they were refused during the screening process. In my opinion, a real Man is too busy person and has no time for such things. High-end Gentleman is understanding what "Exclusive Companionship" means and that privacy as well as discretion should stay our utmost priority and what happens during our date should stay only between us so we can genuinely enjoy each others company.

Many providers describe themselves as Luxury High Class Escorts, VIP  Companions and Elite Courtesans. What is the difference with you?

Only few ladies in Italy or Europe are really High Class Companions. Others are just regular escorts, working mostly within 30 min or 1 hour appointments with a specified menu of sex services included.

I think, it's really ridiculous to describe Yourself as an Elite Companion or Luxury Courtesan, but be presented on free-built websites with cheap quality pictures and stolen descriptions from high profile Independent Escort Websites.

Comparing with me, I have invested a lot of money, time and energy into my images, videos, past and current websites, also my former education and my sophisticated wardrobe, so I can present myself in refined, discreet and elegant manner. I also adore longer dates with a social time where we could enjoy each others company longer as it looks like a real date. :-) That is why my rate is higher comparing to others. Quality costs money.

Anything else I need to know?

Remember that You are paying for my time and companionship only. Nothing else that makes me feel uncomfortable or means an obligation.

This website in no way represents an offer for anything else than companionship. I do not offer any illegal services. Anything implied or inferred within these pages is not to be taken as inducement for payment for anything other than time and companionship.

Anything else that may occur is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults of legal age and it understood that is not contracted for, nor it is requested to be contracted for or compensated for in any manner.

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